Welpen L-Wurf


Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Ch. Arctic Aivik Russian Teryky
SHSB 616521
Sammantic Here Comes Trouble
VDN/DCNH-S 01738/00
Coat colour: weiß
HD-Rating: HD A2
USA-Champion Bramblewoods Blulite Special
DCNH-S 99 1649
Coat colour: weiß
HD-Rating: HD A1
USA-Champion Sanorka’s Moonlight Trip T’ Ren-J
AKC WP423950/06 2-94 OFA24F CERF58
Ch. Bramblewoods White Delite CD
AKC WG181982 9-94 OFA27G
Frostyacres I Dream O’ Jeannie
VDH/DCNH S 99 1648
Coat colour: weiß
HD-Rating: HD A2
USA-Champion Sanorka’s Moonlight Gambler
AKC WG107479 9-89 OFA30G CERF 112
Ch. Frostyacres Picnic n the Park
AKC WP534640 8-97
Ch. Ikiliikkujan Snow Wonder
FIN 33605/00
Ch. Ikiliikkujan Snowstorm
FIN 42462/95

Ch. Polar Mist Lavender Blue
AKC WP862898/02
USA- Champion Polar Mist True Blue
AKC WP 642894/05
USA- Champion Polar Mist Russian Princess
AKC WP 328765/01
Ch. Sammantic India
VDH/DCNH S 01911/01
Coat colour: weiß
HD-Rating: HD A1
Ch. Rexann’s Fortune N’Gold HT
AKC WP 883179/01
USA-Champion Rexann’s Vintage Stock
AKC WP812814/01 2-99 OFA24G OFEL24 CERF42
USA-Champion Rexann’s Musicmaster
AKC WP379267/01 3-94 OFA100E OFEL24
USA-Champion Rexann’s Dancing Noel
AKC WP527478/02 9-96 OFA24G CERF85
USA-Champion Charisma Rexann Heart O’ Gold CD
AKC WP377938/03 11-95 OFA24G OFEL24 CERF102 WH BLK
USA-Champion Charisma’s Constant Comment
AKC WP298657/01 4-92 OFA24G WH BLK PTS
USA-Champion Charisma’s Trace Of Vengance
AKC WG245337 4-92 OFA35G WH
Ch. Frostyacres Chinagirl
VDH/DCNH S 96 1308
Coat colour: weiß
HD-Rating: HD B2
Kipperic Peter O’Malley
AKC WP342291/91 4-94 OFA25G
USA-Champion Heritage The Professor
AKC WF520416 6-86 OFA38E
Ch. Heritage Kipperic Mallory
AKC WF980467 10-91 OFA24G
Ch. Frostyacres Born Blonde
AKC WP349877/01 3-95 OFA34E
Frostyacres Double Image
AKC WG081240 4-90 OFA33G
Frostyacres Hot Salsa
AKC WG352164 4-90 OFA38G