Eltern Großeltern Urgroßeltern Ur-Urgroßeltern
AKC Ch. Pebbles´ Run Hammy Davis Jr.
AKC WS13552503
HD-Wert: good
Snowsong´s Major Investment
AKC WR01266801
USA-Champion Rexann’s Vintage Stock
AKC WP812814/01 2-99 OFA24G OFEL24 CERF42
USA-Champion Rexann’s Musicmaster
AKC WP379267/01 3-94 OFA100E OFEL24
USA-Champion Rexann’s Dancing Noel
AKC WP527478/02 9-96 OFA24G CERF85
Ch. Charisma´s Moondust of Vostok
AKC WP81430301
Ch. White Magic´s Right on Q
AKC WP53823701
Ch. Charisma´s Crescent Moon
AKC WP38569401
Pebble´s Run the great Gazoo
AKC WP97787901
Ch. Moonsong Quintsns O´Whytewynd
AKC WP823238/06
Ch. Whytewynd´s King of Currumpaw
AKC WP57543301
Ch. Magic Mist´s Crescent Moon
AKC WP503082/07
Ch. Barbicon´s Pebbles
AKC WP76311805
Barbicon´s Cody Boy
AKC WP56482803
Barbicon´s Seducktress
AKC WP36474402
Polar Mist X-TASY
VDH/DCNH-S 02162/05
Fellfarbe: weiß
HD-Wert: A1
Ch. Vanderbilt’s Warpaint
WR06033301 (07-03) OFA29G WH & BSCT (CAN)
Ch. Wanderbilt’s True Lee
WP95455801 (06-05) OFA33E WH & BSCT (CAN) AKC
Vanderbilt’s Breakin‘ Trail
CKC BN114937 WH (CAN)
Ch. Wolf River`s Vanderbilt Mesa
AKC WP58020208
Vanderbilt’s Live it UP
WP95455501 WH (CAN)
Ch. Vanderbilt’s Secretariat
WP36861001 (11-92) OFA27G WH (CAN)
Mystical Marla of Vanderbilt
WP54917005 OFA25G WH
Ch. Polar Mist Nauti lil Goldig’R
WP97971701 (04-03) CERF52 WH BLK PTS
Ch. Oakbrooks Strike it Rich
WP82782205 (05-00) OFA24G OFEL24 WH BLK PTS AKC DN
Ch. Oakbrook’s Panning for Gold na Nap NJP
WP58632610 (05-97) WH AKC
Ch. Sassillie’s Mauka Carousel
WP55256804 (03-98) WH AKC
Ch. Polar Mist Nauti Girl
WP61332407 (10-97) OFA34G CERF115 WH
Ch. Winterforst’s Gyrfalcon
WP32390011 (12-92) OFA25G WH
Ch. Polar Mist Champagne on Ice
WP34814206 (06-95) OFA35G WH BLK PTS